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HostGator Web Hosting Review and Coupons

HostGator Inc was created in 2002 and since then it began to conquer the world as one of the most affordable and reliable hosting solutions on the market. There are a lot of things to like about HostGator, starting with their attention to detail and the value that they can deliver.

They do have some really good features, and even if they can be a bit expensive when compared to the competition, they do deserve the extra money due to stability and quality.

Hosting plans and pricing

They tend to have 3 different hosting plans. The first one is hatchling, which is around $6.95 per month and you do get unmetered bandwidth and other features for this. If you want to get unlimited domains, you opt for the Baby option, which is $8.95 per month. The business option is also $10.95 per month, but it also has free VoIP phone, private SSL and IP, as well as other functions. Overall, the prices are pretty good, and considering the fact that you can get a discount and use coupons, you won’t have to pay a lot of money for hosting.

HostGator review

HostGator has a 99.9% uptime, sometimes it can even go to the fabled 100%. But as you can imagine, no service is perfect, they do have a few failures, but there aren’t a lot of those, and in the end that’s certainly a very good thing to consider for sure. 

The hosting speed is very good too. Usually even the largest response time will be under 350 ms, so the hosting service is very good. According to the Bitcatcha tool, HostGator has an A rating for performance. This says a lot when it comes to the quality and value you can obtain from something like this. You will be very impressed with how efficient they are and the quality you receive from this service. It really is worth your time and effort, so you should totally keep that in mind.

Also, a lot of bloggers use HostGator. In fact, most of them tend to focus on this website because it works really well and it has a very good uptime. The fast speeds are also appealing.

Even business users are happy with the HostGator solutions, and they are very impressed with how easy to customize the entire experience really is. They do have some extra features like professional emails, Sitelock monitoring and backups for your work which do add up to deliver amazing value.

HostGator coupons

The coupons tend to remove around 30% or up to 50% of everything here. It’s clear that HostGator has a lot of quality, and the fact that you can use HostGator coupons to make the price even lower is amazing. You are free to make the right pick here, but thankfully you will find a plethora of coupons online and direct links to make the purchase even more appealing. Once you find a deal for HostGator, you should take it, as the service is well worth it!

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