How to Pick a Great Domain Name

Before starting your new site, you are going to need to decide on a great domain name for your site. This sounds easy enough, but with millions of domain names already registered, you are likely going to be in for quite the challenge.

Along with picking a great domain name for your site, you will also need to have a web host as well. More often than not, your web hosting company will also allow you to register a domain name, and some of them (like Bluehost) will give you a domain name for free at the time of sign up.

No matter where you are in the site ownership process, this article will help you get started in the process.

How to Pick a Great Domain Name

Picking the best domain name for your site will not be an easy task. It likely will take you several hours, if not a week or so.

The video above gives a nice detailed look into the domain name process and how to pick the best one for your site.

When it comes time to pick your domain name, try to get a .com, .net or a .org. Also stay away from using numbers or hyphens.

It’s important to try and pick a domain name that is easy to spell, remember and represents your brand well.

The Difference Between Hosting and Domain Name

The domain name is the address for your site, and your hosting is what is powering your site to make it accessible by all audiences.

To learn more about this process, be sure to watch the short video below from GoDaddy.

Pick Your Domain and Web Host Today

By now you should have a much better idea on the process involved when picking a new domain name and getting your web hosting set up as well.

No time to waste, get started on your new site right now!

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