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LiquidWeb Web Hosting Review and Coupons

Liquid Web is one of the hosting services that not everyone knows about. And that’s a shame, because they have some really interesting, unique services that you can check out. Their benefits are very good and interesting, with the value being more than ok when it comes to their offer and the total value.

The focus for Liquid Web is on high performance and good support. This is always interesting to have. But yes, since the performance is good, you do have to deal with higher costs. And that can be a problem for people that want hosting on a budget. It’s still a nice approach to have, but not the best out there and it does come with caveats too.


It comes down to the features you need and expect from something like this. Managed applications will cost anywhere from $1 per month for premium business email hosting to $249 per month for managed WooCommerce Hosting. Managed hosting will be anywhere from $59 per month to $199 per month for the dedicated servers. And yes, they do offer some custom solutions in case you need them. It’s still a rather expensive service. But thankfully there are some coupons online designed to help you slash that price and make it smaller. You won’t earn a lot via discounts, but the prices will at least be lower, so that’s always a good start to have with something like this.


Liquid Web doesn’t come with shared hosting. Yes, this is a bit shocking, and that’s also where the high costs come. The hosting you get is really good and while more expensive, you do get the utmost value and performance you expect from something like this. It really shines and it brings in front the type of outcome that you need in this regard.

Website speed is really good according to our tests, and it only gets better and better as you go along. It’s a really nice approach to have and one that does pay off immensely due to that reason alone. There are no investments needed from a technological standpoint so yes, this can be a very interesting thing to take into consideration. That being said, you do have a stellar autonomy here and that does add up to a tremendous customer service as a whole. It’s a really good service and the experience does shine due to that. 

Some of the other features you may like when it comes to Liquid Web include automatic image compressive, multi site management tools, SSL certificates added for free, security issue monitoring, migration to other hosts or from them, etc. 

All these things show that Liquid Web is actually a really good and handy service to have. It does stand out of the crowd quite a lot, and it delivers in everything that you need. Should you use this type of hosting? Yes, because it’s reliable, fast and legit. Their customer support is good too, and that’s exactly what you want to take into consideration!

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