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SiteGround Web Hosting Review and Coupons

Siteground is maybe one of the best and most popular hosting services that you can find on the market. The company was created in 2004, but they have been constantly offering high quality hosting services since then. This goes to show their focus and commitment to delivering value and quality at a very low price. They have around 300+ employees right now and they span over 3 continents with 4 data centers.

SiteGround hosting plans

You have multiple hosting plans here. First you have Startup, which is $3.95 per month. Then you can get SSL, Supercacher and WordPress or Joomla staging for $7.95 for each month. And if you do need more things like fewer accounts on server, one click Git Repo Creation and so on, you can get that at the GoGeek level which is $14.95 per month. The prices are pretty impressive, but also a bit higher when compared to some of the other hosting plans that you can find on this list.

SiteGround review

Right off the bat, what I like the most is the fact that they are always reliable. In some months you can reach 100% uptime, but even so you do have around 99.9% uptime most of the time. It really is a very distinct experience and one that you will enjoy a lot. You will be quite amazed with the results and you are bound to like the adjacent features they deliver too.

The server speed test is pretty good too. It’s not the ultimate speed and it could be a bit better, but it’s more than ok for most of the sites out there. That alone makes it special and it offers that sense of value and quality you expect from things like this.

2 of their data centers are in Europe, one is in Asia and one in the US. So, they do cover most of the world and the speeds don’t have to suffer in any way. Their support team is also very responsive. They do reply to emails and phone, but the best option is certainly via live chat. Getting instant replies is always helpful, and they are quite reliable and professional in this regard.

The company policy is focused on value. Also, they do focus a lot on solving various security problems, which can and may appear from time to time. The renewal fees do tend to go up as you renew this, but the overall costs are not as bad as you may imagine. That’s certainly a very good thing to take into consideration.

Siteground coupons

We found the Siteground coupons to be quite good. You get around 45% or sometimes 50% off for your hosting service, which is pretty good. The company is very focused on quality and convenience, and they do work hard to ensure that you receive the best experience as well. As a whole, we are very happy with the Siteground results and the fact that you can use coupons to make the costs even lower is certainly a no-brainer!

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