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WebHost000 Web Hosting Review and Coupons

WebHost000 is a great tool for those that want free web hosting without having to worry about many ads. Of course, there are still a few limitations here and there, but since we are talking about free hosting, you are most likely expecting something like that. Ideally, you want to avoid situations where there’s a lot of pressure regarding the stuff you can get.

But WebHost000 does a very good job at delivering even a website builder, which is a nice addition for a website like this.

At around 1 GB of disk space and 10 Gb of bandwidth, this is not for the largest sites out there. But if you don’t have lots of images, you will notice that WebHost000’s free service is more than ok for you. They do have automatic backup on a monthly basis. There’s no daily backup unfortunately, but at least you have some ways to minimize the damage in case something appears and you have to deal with that kind of issue.

There are WebHost000 coupons too, but they do tend to change from time to time. Using a coupon website is very important if you want to get immediate access to the latest coupons. It’s helpful and it can offer you a way to spend less on hosting.

When it comes to performance, WebHost000 does a very good job at bringing in the best value and performance. And another interesting thing is that you can run PHP and MYSQL for a free account. You do need to use WordPress and there’s a need for proper expertise too. But it’s working, and that’s the best thing about it in the end. 

While there are some omissions on the site and the platform as a whole, those are easy to ignore if you opt for the free stuff. You do have a lack of SSL support, which can be a problem for some people. But then again, if you don’t sell stuff on your website, the lack of SSL won’t really be noticed that much. Sure, you may want more frequent automatic backups, but you can always opt for the cheaper web hosting offered by them as it’s still worth the effort and it brings a great value.


If you want to acquire paid hosting and increase some of the benefits, you will be redirected to the Hostinger website, which is the company that actually runs WebHost000. So, you will pay $2.15 per month for the single web hosting, $3.49 for premium web hosting and $7.95 per month for business hosting. The prices are not that high, which goes to show that this hosting service is actually suitable for companies and people that have a lot amount of money to spend on hosting.

So, is WebHost000 worth it? If you use the free service, there’s not a lot to complain about. You’re not paying for anything and they don’t bring in ads, so that’s always important to keep in mind. While the performance is not the best and this service can be rather limited, it’s still free of charge. And the paid benefits are actually worth your money, so that’s an amazing thing to keep in mind!

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